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Happy Holiday

Savor the Season with Our Holiday Menu

Blu Rose Art Bistro is your go-to for delectable Soul Food, seasoned-to-perfection sides, and specialty drinks your guests will love! If you’re hosting a special occasion or just want to have a delicious meal with your loved ones without worrying about cooking or cleaning, look no further. Our experienced chefs prepare every dish with care and love, ensuring that every bite is a memorable one. Our dedicated staff is here to make sure you and your guests have a fantastic dining experience.

Menu Selection

Fried Turkey (Regular/Cajun)
Chili Lime Baked Chicken (Half Chicken)
Full - $30
Brown Sugar Ham
Fried Chicken
32 pieces - $50
Fried Catfish
25 pieces - $75

Contact Us for Catering 

12441Veterans Memorial Hwy

Douglasville, GA  |  Tel: 678-909-2133

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